25 Years Ago: Tom Meinhover Took On The Role Of “Johnny Appleseed”

50 YEARS AGO -Homecoming Queen Betty Babler and her first grade attendants, Jeffrey Dewar and Stacy Smalley, posed for photographers after the coronation ceremonies. -Young eighth grader Doug Schroeder came home wearing his football practice uniform. Seems he had put his clothes in the locker, locked it with an old padlock and forgot the key…
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50 Years Ago: Lawrence J. Delaney Jr. Was Killed In A Farm Accident

50 YEARS AGO -Lawrence J. Delaney Jr., 29, was killed in a farm accident Saturday when he fell into the pronged beaters of a self-unloading silage wagon. -Five Generations – Mrs. Minnie Sauers, 84; Mrs. Robert Boedigheimer, 64; Clifford Boedigheimer, 42; Mrs. Robert Pavek, 20; and her son Robert- the fifth generation. -Lamar Peterson, 7,…
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50 Years Ago: The Perham Pirates Played The North Dakota Champs, Emery-Johnson

50 YEARS AGO -The new faces on the Perham High School faculty include Robert Pettit, Robert Harmer, George Thomas, Stanley Weilinski and Ray Lehner. -Twins fans that want to see the World Series can now get their orders in. Box seats for the four games at Metropolitan Stadium will cost $48; reserved section $32; pavilion…
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25 Years Ago: A Hole-in-one Was Shot By Alice Baniff

50 YEARS AGO -Home Town News by Jared Smalley – An hour after the E-B ran the story of the Boedigheimers lost dog, the family was notified that a farmer some three miles away had found the dog. -Dingle Dwarf, a country frog owned by Dennis Sonnenberg of Vergas won the State Fair frog jumping…
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25 Years Ago: Heart Of The Lakes Elementary School Had Its First Ever Students

50 YEARS AGO -Most Valuable Player award for Region 3B went to Don Burgau, manager-coach-player of the Perham Pirates, and will be going to State for the sixth time as a member of the Perham Pirates. -Shown in another photo are the pitchers for the Pirates at State: Joe Sailer, Al Stigman and drafters Dave…
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