25 years ago: Perham hospital pays off last of overdue bills

50 Years Ago

-One of the many recreation spots available to young and old alike is the Perham Kartways, located a mile west of Perham on Highway 10. The Kartways has a one-eighth mile, kidney-shaped track.

-Vandals were at work in the Perham area Monday night, perhaps by different groups. Destruction occurred at the new public school, at Paul Miller Park and at the Alton Kjorlein turkey farm. Alton nabbed those youth and woodshed action reportedly took place after the facts were known to the parents.

-Smally Smiles: Card on bulletin board: “Want to buy bridal gown, size 12 (crossed out), 14 (crossed out), 16 (crossed out), 18 (crossed out), Forget It.”

Thursday, Aug. 8, 1963

Perham Enterprise Bulletin


-Miss Vera Lea Monear, 20-year-old daughter of Mrs. Vera Herr, died from injuries received in an automobile accident last Monday near Madison, Wisconsin.

-Photo: Five young ladies from New York Mills are entered in the annual Harvest Queen Festival contest. They are Eileen Windels, Cheryl Perala, Jan Dorow, Deanna DeMarco and Mary Frost.

-JoeAnn A. Reinhart, daughter of Mrs. Marie Reinhart, was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree Cum Laude at Concordia College. She will teach in La Puente, Calif.

Thursday, Aug. 8, 1963

New York Mills Herald


25 Years Ago

-Perham Memorial Hospital passed a significant milestone on their road to financial recovery last Thursday, July 28, when they paid off the last of their overdue bills.

-Photo: Chris Rutten was one of 10 people who participated in the “Dash for Cash” after the mud run at the fair. He didn’t win any cash but had fun taking a header into the soupy goop.

-Ad: It’s Ready! Les Mattfeld’s corn will be ready to go again Saturday. $1.00 a dozen. Come and get some!

Thursday, Aug. 4, 1988

Perham Enterprise Bulletin


-During “Crazy Day” the chamber of Commerce will be giving away 100 bales of hay. Just turn up, sign your name and it could be yours! If you turn up in a crazy costume you could win a prize for that also.

-For the Bauck family competing in the Minnesota State Fair’s sheep competition is a tradition. Dinee and Mike Bauck have been trained by former Bauck State competitors to show well at the Fair.

-Troy Kasma, son of LeRoy and Shirley Kasma, competed in the Tae Kwan Do Jr. Olympics and took home the gold in a sparring event.

Thursday, Aug. 4, 1988

New York Mills Herald

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld

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