50 Years Ago: Cesspools Malfunction In NY Mills, Contents Thrown On Lawns

50 Years Ago

-Smalley Smiles: A Perham car, parked at a parade in Menahga, had this note on the windshield. “You are not parked on a city street. It’s private property belonging to the Catholic Rectory. Move this jalopy at once.” Who was to blame for the infraction: Herb Rosen who parked the car, NoBel Soren who told him to park it there, or Jalmer Knuttila who was the owner.

-Allen R. Arvig, fire control technician seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Royale Arvig, was initiated into the “Shellbacks” league upon his first crossing of the Equator.

Thursday, July 18, 1963, Perham Enterprise Bulletin

-Showmanship Champion and Jersey breed champion honors of the Lake Region Dairy Day 4-H and FFA dairy cattle show were both won by Robert Finberg, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Finberg of New York Mills.

-The New York Mills Board of Health have received complaints that some cesspools are not properly functioning and have in cases been pumped out and the contents thrown on the lawns or on the premises, thus creating offensive odors. It is hereby ordered to discontinue such practices.

-Ted Bernard Riddering of Butler Township was hospitalized after suffering injuries when his car rolled over in a one-car accident Saturday.

Thursday, July 18, 1963, New York Mills Herald

25 Years Ago

-Northern Mechanical lost their new shop to a wind which hit their facility last Tuesday evening. Owner Dale Fehrenbach said he suspects a small tornado.

-Photo: Four candidates are vying for the title of Miss Perham. The young ladies are Cindy Van Watermulen, Kristin Sonnenberg, Tammy Riepe and Debra Kenyon.

-Rick and Patty Winkels are the new owners of the Winkels Carpet Center in Perham, purchasing the business from Rich’s parents, Matt and Margaret.

Thursday, July 14, 1988, Perham Enterprise Bulletin

-The thermometer hanging outside of the Eagle’s Café measured nearly 100 degrees in the shade last Tuesday (July 5) afternoon.

-Photo: Five generations pictured… Marjorie Beldo, Mildred Peterson, infant Mark Esler, Bonnie Hansen and Linnell Esler. They, along with other family members, flew to Massachusetts to attend the first national Linnell Family Reunion.

-Mills High School counselor Richard Ericksrud presented Chris Roberts, 14, with a portable stereo. He won the stereo in the Lions 5M9 Drug Awareness Poster Contest held last school year.

Thursday, July 14, 1988, New York Mills Herald

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld