50 Years Ago: 1,500 Receive Polio Vaccine

50 years ago

-[Photo] Harry Hofland literally pulled in this 9 1/2 pound walleye from Little Pine. As he was pulling in the fish, the hook broke and Harry had to grab it with his hand to get it into the house. With him are Tom Pawlowski and Scott Hofland.

-Walt Hughes, owner of the Skogmo Department Store will be installed as the new president of the Chamber of Commerce.

-The weather wasn’t conducive to a large crowd at the Knights of Columbus derby on Little Pine Lake. The temperature was 10 below zero with a 25-mile per hour NW wind. That had the 400 anglers using handwarmers or huddling in their cars.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, January 17, 1963

-Nearly 1,500 persons braved the elements to get their second dose of polio vaccine. Mrs. Helen Muckala was in charge of the distribution and is shown handing the little cup with the vaccine laced sugar cube to her husband Jerry.

-Jim Larson Ford announces its appointment as the franchised Jeep Dealer. Come see the new Jeep pickups and wagons and have coffee and doughnuts on us.

-Steam clouds have been raised all about the community from automobiles and smoke stacks during the week of sub-zero temperatures. The lowest reading here was 29 below zero early Monday morning.

New York Mills Herald, January 17, 1963

25 years ago

-Polar Explorer Ann Bancroft will be headlining winter classes for the Perham-Dent Community Ed program. She is the only woman to make it to the North Pole by dog sled, traveling with the Will Steger expedition.

-The City of Perham is considering hiring an economic developer who would work to help promote business and jobs in the city.

-[Photo] Shoveling snow was a familiar sight Tuesday, as the first major winter storm blanketed our area. Elain Kadow and her sister Jo Sanders, who is here from Arizona for a month, are clearing the Kadow driveway.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, January 14, 1988

-Approximately 60 people showed up last Saturday to help move the public library to its new location. Librarian Margie Hart said “we were done within two hours, well ahead of the start of the Vikings game.”

-Court proceedings began in St. Paul Tuesday against 17 people arrested in connection with a drug raid near New York Mills last October.

-[Photo] Kendal Koehler and Kari Salo represented New York Mills as members of the Wadena all-tournament girls’ basketball team.

New York Mills Herald, January 14, 1988

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld