25 Years Ago: Three Narrowly Escape Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

50 years ago

-Driver, 85, Hits Semi… And Lives! The driver of the 1955 Ford pickup was Ed Gow of Dent. The pickup hit the left rear side of the semi and bounced off the rear tires. The pickup was badly damaged on the front right side and the driver was unhurt but dazed.

-Charlie and Theodore Matz, 88 year old twin brothers, held birthday celebrations Sunday at the Charles Matz home.

-[Photo] Two nice sized Northerns were speared Monday by Paul Lewis on Big Pine Lake. The two were 15 and 10 pounds apiece. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis display the two northerns.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, December 20, 1962

-Due to an unfortunate error in determining the number of “W’s” in the Karvonen and Son contest, a new drawing will have to take place. Earl Tumberg won with 84 “Ws”, but other contestants proved that there were 85.

-Among the more than 7,000 people taking part in the Allis-Chalmers airlift to the Land of Power on the three-day expense paid trip to Milwaukee were Jacob Perala, Ed Hendrickx, George Rader and Martin Minten.

-Strictly Fresh: The older a man gets, the farther he had to walk to school as a boy. Some say if smart aleck children were made to smart in the right places, it would cure the problem.

New York Mills Herald, December 20, 1962

25 years ago

-Life has turned into a ‘waiting game’ for Don Aitken, as he awaits a heart that can be used to replace his own diseased heart. He has undergone open heart surgery twice since 1982 and now needs a transplant.

-Ron Kawlewski, son of Edna Kawlewski of Richville, has been named to the 1987 Academic All-State Football team. He was also recently named to the All-Heart O’Lakes team as a strong safety.

-[Photo] Santa Claus (Nathan Dinnel) and Mrs. Claus (Kristine Klinnert) provided entertainment for the packed auditorium last week as the Perham Elementary presented their play.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, December 17, 1987

-Three people narrowly escaped being suffocated as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning December 11th. The three, from Golden Valley, Minn., were staying at the home of Evert Maki when they were overcome. One of the three realized something was wrong in the morning when the other two would not move. She got out of the house and the fire department was called.

-New York Mills Lions Club presented a check to the library board. The check represents the last payment of the $12,000 pledged by the club to help finance the new library.

-The three goals of the Peace Corps are: to transfer technology, to transfer culture, to teach people here about the countries in which the volunteers serve. “The third goal is probably the most important,” said Mark Klinnert, who is now in his 3rd year as a volunteer.

New York Mills Herald, December 17, 1987

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld