50 Years Ago: 3,500 Area Residents Receive Polio Vaccines

50 years ago

-Sabin type I oral polio vaccine was received by 3,500 area residents at a recent clinic. Donating their services were doctors Bigler and Bigler and Warner and Schoeneberger and pharmacists William Kemper and Rich Bucholz.

-Smalley Smiles: There hasn’t been enough ice on most lakes to cool a glass for a martini. Numerous reports of trees budding, dandelions and violets in bloom have been received. Anyway, more than 25 golfers were out playing the local course.

-At the regular meeting of the chamber of commerce President Frank Adamczyk congratulated Mayor Royal Arvig and the Village Council on the new street lighting and Frank Sahli for his 23 years of service as Municipal Liquor Store Manager.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, December 6, 1962

-Lloyd’s Lanes, located in their new building on the east side of town will observe its grand opening on December 8 and 9, says proprietor Lloyd Dreyer.

-“Bud’s Supper Club” will be opening during this month reports Mr. and Mrs. Duane Frost. They will specialize in charcoal broiled steaks and in all types of seafoods.

-Among twelve Concordia students selected to appear in Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities is Miss Jacqueline Morstad of New York Mills.

New York Mills Herald, December 6, 1962

25 years ago

-The trial of Willys Ojala, for the murders of Steven and Janice Mursu, ended before it started, as Ojala pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder in Otter Tail County District Court Monday.

-The fundraiser for the Perham Area Community Center has reached $1.255 million leaving $195,000 left to go to reach the group’s goal of $1.45 million.

-Area ice fishermen are on “hold” as lakes refuse to freeze due to mild winter. Freeze up hasn’t come for some lakes, others have sporadic ice conditions, and there are some that have frozen but winds have reopened them.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, December 3, 1987

-The marijuana-growing operation near New York Mills, raided by law enforcement officers in late October, has turned out to be what was apparently the largest of a number of such enterprises operated by a drug ring. After an upgrade the actual amount seized was 48 tons with an estimated value of $192 million.

-Monica G. Diaz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edi Dombrowski of New York Mills, has received the silver wings of an Army aviator. She is a 1981 graduate of New York Mills High School.

-Gary and Cassandra Robinson are happy to announce the arrival of their new children from Colombia, South America: Monica, age 10; Gilberto, age 8; and Tatiana, age 6. They were welcomed home by their sisters and brother: Vera, Anna, Diana, Kathryn and Matthew.

New York Mills Herald, December 3, 1987

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld