25 Years Ago: Hunter Mistakes Beef Cows For Deer, Kills 3

50 years ago

-Otto Dochow, 57, a Vergas farmer, was fatally injured when the tractor and loader he was driving overturned. He was working on the C.T. Bylander farm at the time.

-A rabid skunk which got into the barn on the Charley Peach farm in Star Lake Township caused the loss of three calves. Now four members of the Peach family are taking the Pasteur treatment against rabies. Skunk was not captured.

-A new asbestos shingle roof, replacing a 30 year old tile roof, went on St. Henry’s Catholic Church, according to Father N. Kraemer, the church’s pastor.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, November 15, 1962

-On Sunday, Dec. 2nd, if you live in the New York Mills area and care about your health – you will swallow two drops of liquid on a sugar limp. The liquid will be Sabin oral polio vaccine.

-Ralph Perala, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Perala, was honored at Edwards Air Force Base by NASA for having served with the space agency for twenty years.

-A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson on November 8. She will be named Daidre Dee. They have three other daughters, Deborah, Denise and Deena.

New York Mills Herald, November 15, 1962

25 years ago

-The path to recovery for two victims of the Quadrant steam accident a year ago have taken different directions. Plant Manager Gene Steinbach was able to return to work after several months. Stan Marotz has continuing problems and is not back to work.

-[Photo] Where We Want To Be – A team of happy faces greeted the Perham fans as volleyball tri-captains Megan Thomas, Tammy Riepe and Heidi Meyer accepted the District 23 championship trophy.

-[Photo] Joe Wasche Jr. came up with this nice 10 point buck. The buck had an unusual rack, known as a basket rack, but he also had a stainless steel broadhead sticking out of his nose. An archer had apparently shot him but it was not a kill shot.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, November 12, 1987

-Ken Romann, who raises beef on his farm about 1 1/2 miles east of Big Pine Lake, found himself an instant buyer for 3 head of beef Saturday when a deer hunter mistook his registered Herefords for deer and shot 3 of them. The hunter came to the house and confessed the deed.

-Eagles Win! The New York Mills Eagles girls volleyball team rolled through district 24 competition and captured the championship.

-[Photo] Each year at the Deer Creek Elementary School the students have their weight and height measured. Jane Malone, Health Office Coordinator and Lisa Lange measure first grader Katie Dombeck.

New York Mills Herald, November 12, 1987

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld