25 Years Ago: 20-ton Pot Bust Near Mills May Have Been Largest In State History

50 years ago

-One of the biggest walleyes of the season in this part of the state was brought in by Paul Barcenas, Perham High School instructor. This one weighed 11 pounds and caught on a 10 pound test line.

-Erwin Kremer has opened a new gas business in Perham. He will build a bulk and bottle gas plant. Mr. Kremer, from Wadena, feels that Perham has a great future and potential and says “that’s why I came here.”

-The big auction of the Henry Wendt estate property is scheduled to start today. The sale was occasioned by the recent accidental death of Mr. Wendt, who was killed in an automobile collision.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, October 25, 1962

-Russell Lepisto, president of the PTA, checked over material for the up-coming polio clinic which the PTA will sponsor. Others helping were PTA vice president, Roy Isaacson; treasurer, Mrs. Alberta Greiger; and secretary, Mr. Abrahamson.

-The work of building the New York Mills Municipal Airport has been underway for the past two weeks. Local pilots plan on one hanger this fall and more in the coming year.

-The Conservation Department has urged Minnesota waterfowl hunters to report seeing oddly colored geese that have been dyed for research purposes.

New York Mills Herald, October 25, 1962

25 years ago

-Ottertail resident Allen Buntrock was inducted into the National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame in San Antonio, Texas last Friday. Having 31 years in shooting competition, he is the holder of many championships.

-[Cartoon] Newsman: “And this just in… a giant baseball-like meteor has entered the Earth’s atmosphere and struck the Midwestern portion of the United States. In habitants of Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding area are hysterical. There is chaos in the streets. Regular business activities have come to a screeching halt. There is rumor of some sort of highly contagious fever epidemic in progress. However, police and city officials are welcoming all visitors and curiosity seekers. More about this highly unlikely phenomena on our late report at 10.”

-First game of the World Series at the Dome.

Perham Enterprise Bulletin, October 22, 1987

-[Photo] A deer that jumped through a window at the Scandia Apartments, apparently to escape from dogs, gave residents a rude awakening. Police officer Mark Englund said the deer didn’t appear to be seriously hurt. “Most of the bleeding was caused by the deer banging its nose against the walls,” Englund said.

-[Photo] The first graders at the Deer Creek elementary school got a close look at one of their classmate’s new baby. Jason Doll’s sister arrived October 7 and his mom brought her in on the 14th of October as a real live show and tell.

-A Bust! A barn and a number of other buildings on a farm about five miles NE of Mills was filled with about 20 tons of marijuana. It was described as possibly the largest in state history. -Contact

New York Mills Herald, October 22, 1987

Compiled by Harriet Mattfeld